Screening Audiometers

Oscilla USB-310 / USB-330Oscilla USB-310 / USB-330

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otopodOTOPod M1

The OTOPod is the first in our series of advanced, yet portable diagnostic audiometers. Its elegant design and small size make it ideal for diagnostic testing in the office or in a patient setting.

Despite its small size, the OTOPod is big on features, and includes manual and automated air and bone conduction testing, and speech testing with pre-recorded word lists. Plus, the OTOPod is wireless, providing even more flexibility and value for today’s busy hearing care professional.

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AmplitudeAmplitude T-Series

The Amplitude T-Series is the ultimate in high quality, highly portable air and bone conduction audiometry.
The T-Series models have the audiometer circuitry built right into the patient response switch, and they are operated wirelessly from a Windows PC.

Select the T4 model for air conduction and the T3 model for air and bone conduction testing. You can also choose from 4 types of transducers to match your preferences and testing environment.

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Amplitude® D Screening Audiometer Announced

August 21, 2013 – King of Prussia, PA – Otovation, a recognized leader in portable and advanced products for hearing care diagnostics announces the release of the Amplitude D screening audiometer. Handheld and self-contained, the Amplitude D model can be used in either office or patient settings.

Amplitude D offers best in class features for manual screening audiometry – a built-in color screen with an icon-based interface, internal storage of up to 1000 audiograms, and simple download and printing with the included Amplitude D database software. The audiometer has a built-in rechargeable battery and can be used in a completely portable mode, storing tests that can later be conveniently downloaded and printed using the supplied USB charging and data transfer cable.

The Amplitude D is ideal for school screening, primary care office use, and a variety of additional settings where portability and simplicity matter. Plus, you can use a variety of headphones with the model D, including TDH-39, EAR 5A inserts, and Sennheiser circumaurals. Specifications include full range testing from 125 to 8 kHz, and up to 90 dB HL. Prices start at just $895 for the complete system, including the handheld unit, USB power/data cable, TDH
headphones, software CD and printed User Guide.

Otovation will begin shipping the Amplitude D in September, 2013. More information on the Amplitude D model will be posted soon on our website at

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Oscilla® SM910 Screening Audiometer


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Oscilla® SM930 Screening Memory Audiometer

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Oscilla SM920-P

Easy-to-Use Manual / Automatic Audiometer with Built-in Printer and Connection for PC.

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